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Pradaxa Side Effects Lawsuit

Pradaxa Side Effects Lawsuit

Pradaxa is a popular blood thinner used to treat AFib & reduce the risk of Strokes & Blood Clots. The FDA is evaluating reports of serious bleeding events in patients taking the medication. If you or a loved one required hospitalization due to internal bleeding while taking Pradaxa, then compensation may be available!

The legal action against Pradaxa is structured as a mass tort lawsuit (learn why that’s important to you). Unlike class action lawsuits, a mass tort lawsuit treats each claimant (victim) as an individual. What this means to you is that a separate, individual lawsuit against the manufacturer is filed upon your behalf. It is worth noting that settlements in these cases often result in large sums of money being awarded to the claimant; the majority going to you and a much lesser amount to the attorney. Also there is NEVER any upfront payment to the attorney or any out-of-pocket expenses for which you are responsible.

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Pradaxa and the Increased Risk of Excessive Internal Bleeding

Pradaxa is a commonly used blood-thinning drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from conditions like arterial fibrillation. Arterial fibrillation is a health condition where the upper two chambers of the heart of a person start performing erratically. Due to this condition, the blood does not get pumped out of the heart properly, pooling around within. This drug is designed to bring down the risk of blood clotting, pulmonary embolism and strokes in people by inhibiting a clotting enzyme in the body.

Up until now, the most common side effects associated by the use of Pradaxa were minor and not so concern-worthy. However, there have been several recent conclusive studies that clearly show that Pradaxa can be quite dangerous. In a lot of patients, the drug has caused severe internal bleeding and even led to loss of life at times.

Pradaxa and Internal Bleeding – A Look at the Statistics

Pradaxa basically belongs to a class of drugs that are known as direct thrombin inhibitors. These drugs inhibit the production of an enzyme in the body so that excessive blood clotting could be prevented and the risk of strokes can be reduced. However, a major side effect of this medicine is that it thins down the blood to an extent that it does not even clot when the need arises.

This leads to serious medical concerns related to gastrointestinal bleeding in those who use this drug regularly. According to studies, 16.6% of all Pradaxa users are at a risk of experiencing some type of internal bleeding. 3.3% of the users suffer internal bleeding that can be regarded as severe. For 1.5% of users, this internal bleeding can become life threatening. In 0.3% of Pradaxa users, this internal bleeding causes brain hemorrhage, often leading to death.

This risk of internal bleeding can be higher in people with kidney problems because of the organ’s failure to excrete this drug from the body properly. Also, the risk of bleeding can be higher in these cases as well as those where patients use other medications regarded as blood thinners.

The Warnings of Using Pradaxa

From the time this drug made it to the market, it has been associated with the many internal bleeding accidents that have occurred. In 2011, the FDA issued a drug safety communication to the public, informing them of the internal bleeding risks of this drug. However, many people have suffered a great deal already because of this drug and the manufacturer’s failure to research the side effects.

This is why you are now legally allowed to file for a compensation lawsuit against Pradaxa’s manufacturers if you or a loved one has suffered from conditions like brain hemorrhage, kidney bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack or death. If you have suffered due to this drug, file a compensation lawsuit to get the necessary financial assistance you will need to properly treat yourself.

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