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Maritime Personal Injury Law & Lawsuits – Find an Attorney

Maritime Injury Lawsuit

Under U.S. maritime law, workers and their families have rights to financial compensation if an injury or death occurred while working. Maritime injury claims fall under a very complex area of U.S. law. Depending on how a worker is classified can determine the size of the financial recovery. There are also very short filing deadlines under maritime law, so time is of the essence. Request a free case review to have your maritime injury case reviewed.

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Maritime Injuries and Legal Compensation

If you or someone from your family works in the maritime industry, you should be aware of certain legalities. After all, this industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous to work in, with a large number of injuries being reported every year. Anyone who is working aboard a ship, whether it is a commercial vessel or a fishing one, is at a risk of facing various life-threatening accidents and working in impossible conditions. Most maritime workers are required to push themselves constantly, making them reach the breaking point at some point in time.

Due to these impossible working conditions, maritime workers are always at a higher risk of getting injured at the workplace. However, all the maritime workers who have had the misfortune of getting injured while on duty have the legal right to claim compensation from their employer. The only fact that can cause difficulties for them and make it hard for them to win their lawsuit is the stricter laws in this industry.

Thankfully the dangers that maritime workers face while they are on their job is recognized by the legal authorities, which is why maritime injury laws have been designed carefully to ensure that everyone gets a fair compensation if the need arises. Separate criteria exist for different cases of workmen’s compensation that can be claimed after different types of accidents on board a ship. The types of accidents that allow you to file for compensation lawsuits include but are not limited to:

  • Fires or explosions of drilling platforms that are located offshore
  • Accidents caused by malfunctioning equipment
  • Injuries caused when equipment becomes loose and crushes a person in some way
  • Injuries caused when the fishermen get trapped in lines or net, most commonly resulting in severed limbs
  • Slipping on a wet, slick deck
  • Going overboard the ship during a storm or in other circumstances
  • Capsizing
  • Falling off when working on the drilling platforms

If any of these injuries take place while you are working, you will be protected by the Jones Act and have the right to claim legal compensation.

Since most maritime accidents are serious and can cause permanent, irreversible damage, it is important that you file for a compensation lawsuit in the event you or a loved one suffers a maritime injury. This compensation will cover the medical expenses you will have to bear in order to get appropriate treatment for your injury. So fight for your legal right today.

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