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Baby Powder Side Effects

There are a few main side effects associated with the use of talcum powder. Many people will experience respiratory problems after using the powder if a lot of it is inhaled. The powder has been known to cause significant respiratory problems in infants as well as adults.

If a large amount of the talcum powder is inhaled, it can result in a condition known as talcosis. This condition is a type of serious lung irritation. Symptoms can include difficulty breathing, irregular breathing, severe coughing, and wheezing type sounds. If the exposure to talcum powder is persistent over a long period, it is sometimes possible for people to develop pneumonia. Those with asthma may be at a higher risk of having an asthma attack after inhaling the powder. There are some studies that indicate talcum powder may pose a risk of lung cancer, although no solid, concrete conclusions have yet been made.

Another possible side effect that can come from talcum powder is the development of ovarian cancer. There are approximately 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer every year that are attributed to the use of talcum powder by women. The powder was originally marketed as a way for women to reduce vaginal odor and chafing in the genital region. Thousands of women began to use it for this exact reason. The talcum powder was often placed around the vaginal area. The powder could then travel up the vagina and into the ovary where it would often get lodged for an extended period. This talcum powder has been directly linked to the development of ovary cancer in many women. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer of talcum powder, Johnson & Johnson, urging them to place warning labels on talcum powder bottles about the potential for developing ovarian cancer.

Medical Compensation for Side Effects

Lawsuits can be filed against the makers of baby powder for failing to warn women of the dangers of developing ovarian cancer. If you are a victim, please request a free, no obligation case evaluation.

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