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Depakote Birth Defects Lawsuit

Recent studies prove that Depakote can cause many severe side-effects.

Depakote Side Effects Lawsuit

Depakote is a popular drug that is commonly used for the treatment of conditions like epilepsy, bipolar disorder and migraines. Sometimes, patients who are suffering from depression or mania due to bipolar disorder are also prescribed this drug to control these feelings. Depakote is basically a mood stabilizing medication that affects the brain and calms it down.

In most cases, the medication is used as a long-term treatment option for patients, especially those suffering from bipolar disorder, to make them feel better. However, there are also several side effects that are associated with the use of this drug, one of them being increased risk of birth defects in children if the drug is taken during pregnancy.

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Depakote and Its Use in Pregnancy

Depakote, also commonly known as valproic acid, is a drug that belongs to the class of anticonvulsants. It is most often used to control brain activity in times of panic and uncontrollable situations like epilepsy. It is also sometimes prescribed for patients who are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and hyperactive movement disorder. Until a short time ago, this drug was considered to be safe, having only some minor side-effects that were clearly reported.

However, recent studies prove that the drug can cause many severe side-effects if taken in certain conditions. It was found that Depakote is used during pregnancy, especially during the initial trimester, it can cause severe birth defects in the baby after it is born. Problems like heart defects, Anencephaly, Cleft palate, Spina bifida, Hypoplasia or organ/tissue underdevelopment, and Neural tube defects can be experienced by kids right from birth if their mother continues the use of Depakote after becoming pregnant.

What to Do If You Have Been Harmed

If you or your loved one has been harmed by the use of Depakote, you have the right to claim legal compensation. Although knowledge of this major side-effect of this drug has recently come to surface, it is assumed that the manufacturers of the drug Depakote withheld the information purposefully to sell their drug. As a result, a lot of mothers today are suffering while raising kids experiencing birth defects.

For all such cases, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit against Depakote’s manufacturers and claim compensation for your excessive medical expenses and for your pain and suffering. Also, now that the risks of taking this drug is well-known make sure that you no longer use it without proper consultation. If you are planning to get pregnant or already are and you regularly use Depakote, visit your doctor right away to discuss alternative medications and your overall health.

Completely giving up this drug without consultation can also be dangerous during pregnancy, especially if you suffer from bipolar disorder. Usually, the use of this drug is administered under supervision after you get pregnant along with some precautions to ensure that you do not experience a relapse in your bipolar disorder treatment. So if you are using Depakote, you need to be careful about when you decide to get pregnant without harming yourself or your baby.

For most parents, affording the kind of treatment that children born with these side effects have to go through is not possible, causing them even more anguish and pain. So if you or your loved one has also suffered from such consequences due to the use of Depakote, it is important to take legal action against the manufacturer for their fault. This will allow you to claim compensation for all the medical bills you need to pay.

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