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Behind the Scenes – Who’s Really in Charge of Your Pills

In the world of prescription drugs there are two main players pulling the strings:

  • The FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration); and
  • Pharmaceutical companies, a.k.a. Big Pharma

Contrary to a somewhat popular belief, neither of these players have sinister intentions. While it’s true that the FDA is limited in their resources and that Big Pharma has done some very shady deeds in the past (crimes that have resulted in preventable deaths), neither the FDA nor Big Pharma set out with the overall intention to harm Americans. The side effects and deaths that come with prescription drugs just happen to be a part of the beast that is the pharmaceutical industry.

To understand that beast you must first know the story of a drug’s life. A drug’s life begins in the Research & Development departments of pharmaceutical companies. The next chapter of the story centers around testing the new drug and its subsequent FDA approval or disapproval. The third and final phase of a drug’s life focuses on business. This is when Big Pharma markets the drugs to citizens and medical professionals alike. Just how much influence does Big Pharma on the medical field? The answer will surprise you.

So grab some popcorn, get cozy, and enjoy the featured film!


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